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Chaura Dry Dates.

We Produce Huge quantiy of Chuara Dry Dates Yellow And Brown Colors. We Categories Premium Quality as per the buyers demand. We have all qualities Like Nar Chuara, Best Medium Double Wash, Good Medium Wash, Low Medium,….

Expert In Chuara Production

We are expert in Chuara production Since many years we produce huge quantity of Chaura. We Categories quality Dates and Give natural process or Chaura productions.

Export Quality In Chuara Production.

We have export quality of Chaura, We produces these quality Dry dates Rich with Vitamins, in our own large scales fields, We Make Chaura as per our clients demands, We pack as per buyer requirements. 

About us

Mak Impex Dates Pakistan

Mak Impex Is largest producer and exporter of Premium quality Fresh and dry dates from Pakistan. We have all qualities of dates from Pakistan,

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Metric ton Per Year


Head offices in multiple countries



More than 35 year experience in productions of Kharak, Aseel Dates

Mak impex dry dates from pakistan

Mak Impex is largest importer and producer of dry dates from Pakistan. We have all qualities of dry dates, Kharak Dry Dates, Halwa Dry Dates, Aseel Dry Dates, Fresh Dates. Chuara Dates. Extra Top, Double Top, Top, Low Top, Best Medium, Good Medium, Medium, Low Medium, Sokha Dry Dates. All Sizes we sorted and double wash and polish before exporting the products.


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