Dipfack reached Zoom, DeepMind created universal Jeadents and other news from the world of AI

Dipfack reached Zoom, DeepMind created universal Jeadents and other news from the world of AI

We strive to inform readers not only about events in the Bitcoin industry, but also to talk about what is happening in related technological spheres-cybersecurity, and now in the world of artificial intelligence (AI).

Forklog has collected the most important news from the world of AI over the past week.

  • Dipfaces reached online broadcasts and video conferences.
  • The European Commission suspended the deal between NVIDIA and ARM due to holidays.
  • MegaFon launched a voice assistant who can answer calls, record and decipher conversations.
  • In Ukraine, a cargo drone for the first time in the world flew 480 km.
  • The popular creator of dipfaces joined the Lucasfilm team.
  • Canadian with the help of AI recreated the image of the dead bride.

A program for replacing the face in online broadcasts and video conferences has been released

The GITHUB user with the IPerov nickname has published the DeepFacelive program, which with the help of neural networks replaces the user’s face in the video.

The algorithm works in real time. DeepFacelive imposes a dipfect both during direct broadcasts and during video conferences, for example, in Zoom.

Earlier Iperov has developed another algorithm – Deepfaclavab. To date, it is one of the most popular tools for creating diplomas.

DeepFacelive and installation instructions are available on github. The program is compatible only with NVIDIA video cards, starting from the GeForce GTX 750 model and above.

The EU Law will cost the European Union € 31 billion

The regulation of artificial intelligence will cost the EU economy € 31 billion for five years and a decrease in investment in the industry by 20%. This is stated in the report of Center for Data Innovation.

European small and medium -sized businesses that deploy an artificial intelligence system with a high level of risk will incur the costs of compliance with regulatory requirements in the amount of up to € 400,000, which will lead to a decrease in profit by 40%, added analysts.

They also believe that in the case of the adoption of the EU Law, they will not be able to achieve the goals of the program “Decade of Digital Technologies” by 2030, according to which 75% of European enterprises will be used.

The European Commission suspended the deal between NVIDIA and ARM

The European Commission suspended the deal between NVIDIA and ARM. July 26, the regulator went on vacation.

According to the media, NVIDIA did not provide the European Commission for the necessary documents to close the transaction, which is why the department did not manage to conclude.

The authorities can take six months or more to make a decision from the authorities. According to insiders, if the merger delay is serious, ARM will consider the possibility of reaching an IPO.

In the US, they approved the test of the neuro interface in humans

Synchron received permission from US food and medicines for testing neuro interfaces in humans.

According to clinical studies, patients were able to control the computer with their thoughts. They performed work tasks, sent text messages, checked online banking and made purchases.

It takes about two hours to implant the device, the company said. It is introduced through the blood vessel in the lower part of the neck and introduced into the brain.

According to the general director of Synchron Thomas Oksley, the device will appear on the market for three to five years.

MegaFon launched the vocal assistant “Eve”

Megafon’s cellular operator launched the Eve voice assistant, who knows how to answer calls, record and decipher conversations.

The company said that the bot can determine the source and purpose of the call, maintain a conversation and send the text of the conversation in Telegram User.

Voice Assistant is available for a limited number of operator subscribers in Moscow. In the fall, access to “Eve” will have an EVE with everyone, reported in Megafon.

“New Mail” tested a cargo UAV in flight between Kyiv and Kharkov

The Ukrainian Logistic Company “New Mail” tested the delivery of goods using a drone. In five hours, the UAV overcame 480 km from Kyiv to Kharkov.

According to company representatives, the drone rose to a height of 300 meters and followed along a pre -programmed route. He is also able to independently recognize obstacles and avoid a clash with them.

Drone tested by New Mail. Data: “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“For the first time in the world, UAVs flew a distance of 480 km with departure. In addition to the New Mail, not a single logistics company has yet decided on this, ”said the general director of the company Alexander Bulba.

He added that in their plans – to reduce the flight time to three hours to deliver drones affordable for most customers.

“New Mail” plans to launch the service in commercial operation in 2022.

Canadian startup presented an application for recognizing the emotions of cats

Canadian company Sylvester.AI created the Tably application, which, using artificial intelligence, can read the emotions of cats and determine when they feel pain.

To assess the stress of the animal, the algorithms determine the position of the head and ears, the squint of the eyes, the degree of muzzle tension and the condition of the mustache.

According to Dr. Liz Ruell from the clinic, in which the program was trained and tested, the application can help young veterinarians gain experience.

YouTube blogger, creating diphes, was invited to work in Lucasfilm

The Lucasfilm film studio hired a popular YouTuber under the nickname Shamook, who, using diphthack technologies, “corrects” the faces of actors in Hollywood blockbusters.

At the end of 2020, the blogger devoted several videos to the Star Wars. He used the neural networks to adjust the episodes with Princess Leia and the Grand Moff Tarkin in the Spin-off-Odin spin-off, as well as a fragment with Luke Skywalker in the series “Mandaloret”.

The heads of the studio noticed the works of Shamook and invited him to the post of senior artist of the facial animation.

Scientists use AI to July 2022 in numbers: search for extraterrestrial technologies

A group of scientists involves artificial intelligence to search for traces of alien technologies on Earth.

The Galileo project provides for the use of a global network of telescopes and astronomical research to search for evidence of “extraterrestrial technological civilizations”. The team plans to develop algorithms that scan data from telescopes for alien artifacts.

Researchers from Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, California Technology Institute and Stockholm University participate in the project. Astronomer Avi Loeb was also attracted to him, who in 2019 claimed that the asteroid Oumuamua is an alien probe that moves with the help of a solar wind.

The project is financed by private individuals. To date, they donated $ 1.75 million.

Canadian with the help of AI recreated the image of the dead bride

Canadian artist Joshua Barbo recreated the image of the bride who died eight years ago with the help of artificial intelligence.

He took advantage of the Project December resource, created on the basis of the GPT-3 language model, and designed a special chatbot. Barbo loaded several messages from Facebook to the service and biographical data about his bride.

According to the artist, the chatbot realistically imitated the girl’s behavior, making minor mistakes. The technology helped to survive the loss, according to Barbo.

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